Saints Spoken of During the 70th Week (7 Year Tribulation)

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Saints Spoken of During the 70th Week (7 Year Tribulation)

Saints are definitely a part of the church. All in the body of Christ are saints, but not all saints are in the body of Christ, called “the church.”

The church is a distinct group of righteous people in the age of the church, beginning around 31 AD and ending at the pre-tribulation rapture, which ends the Church Age, or the time period of the church.

The truth is that all of God's people through the ages who have become redeemed are all saints, whether from the Old Testament, or New Testament. Those redeemed before the Law of Moses were called saints, just as much as Israel when in right standing with God, the church, and the tribulation saints. Just because one is a saint, does not ever automatically make them part of the church. People will be saved after the pre-Tribulation rapture, but not be part of the church (Rev. 6:8-11; 7:9-17; 13:7, 15-18; 15:2-4; 17:6; 20:4; Mat. 24:9-13, 22; Dan. 7:21-27; 8:24; 9:27; 12:7).

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