Flat Earth Doctrine Refuted

"The founders of the flat earth movement supported their ideas by reference to Biblical authority. But, so did the defenders of the Koreshan Cosmogony, which modeled the earth as an unmoving hollow ball, with us walking on its inner surface and the entire universe also within it."

—Donald Simanek

The integrity of Scripture is always under attack from false doctrines introduced into our very churches and packaged like its revered truth from God. Flat Earthers are not all Bible-believers, but the ones who are Scripture users have been making the shape of the Earth their sacred cow. I have been seeing this deceptive movement grow since 2015, even personally witnessing strong Christians fall into this snare. If they want to attack science, then that is someone else's fight; I am not a scientist. However, if they are going to teach Scripture through the lens of a Flat Earth worldview, then that is our fight.

These studies are going to solve your problem communicating the truth if there are any times when a Flat Earth Scripture user has you perplexed by one of the 240+ Scriptures they cite. We are supposed to have ready answers no matter what the enemy comes with (1 Pet. 3:15), but let's face it, the churches are rarely teaching us how to use our sword offensively in teaching the very doctrines we do believe. How much less is the everyday Christian able to defend from off the wall doctrines in the left field? In these few studies taken directly from the Flat Earth Doctrine book in the Millions Vanished library, I am going to show you how to support the truth and fully grasp the context of the Scriptures Flat Earthers are using. You will also understand the implications the Flat Earth position has on those Scriptures. You will have a ready answer!


Studies Refuting Flat Earth Doctrine

Earth Created Before the Sun

Universe Is Complete and Not Expanding

Earth Measurements Unknown

Earth Is a Disk/Circle, Not a Ball

Earth Measured With a Line, Not a Curve

Extremely Large Area of Land Is Flat (No Curvature)

A Plain Cannot Exist on a Ball

Paths Are Straight, Not Curved

Waters Are Straight, Not Curved

Earthquakes Shake Earth, and It Does Not Move

Earth Is Fixed and Immovable

Be Still and Know That I Am God

Earth Has Pillars and Hangs on Nothing

Earth Has a Face (A Geometrical Flat Surface)

Waters Have a Face (A Geometrical Flat Surface)

Sky Has a Face (A Geometrical Flat Surface)

Earth Has Ends

Earth Has Four Corners

One Firmament/Dome/Vault

Sun Moves, Not the Earth

Sun Stops Moving

Sun Moves Backward

Moon Has Its Own Light

High Altitude Perspectives

Hell Is a Bottomless Pit at the Heart of the [Flat Disc] Earth.

Everyone Sees Jesus

New Jerusalem, the Huge Cube

Breadth (Spread out Flat) of the Earth

Voice of Creation Goes out in a Line Through All the Earth

Matthew’s Bible From 1537 Says “Flat Earth”

Flat Earth Prophecy

Creation Worshippers

Lucifer's Conspiracy to Unite the World Against God's Throne Above the Firmament

Earth Is God's Footstool

No Hollow Earth