Millions Vanished Doctrinal Library

This is a collection of books by Brian Paul Lakins that he's been working on since 2007. Every single book has multiple Scripture references given for all statements so you don't have to take his word for it. The average book is 300-400 pages of nonfictional doctrine throughout placing the subjects in harmony from Genesis through Revelation. The special edition salvational book teaches all aspects of salvation from Genesis through Revelation in a 1,200-page book teaching how salvation is received, kept, lost, and many clear examples of lost salvations and hundreds of clear eternal laws and warnings given to the righteous so that no one has an excuse to claim biblical ignorance.

The church needs help! Christians just aren't being equipped with sound doctrine. Christian books are lacking Scripture references and all-around context. These Salvational books, End-Time books, and for fun, a book dismantling the up and coming movement called Flat Earth by using all their 240+ Scriptural prooftexts in context proving the Flat Earth Cosmology does not exist in Scripture.

No one is an overcomer by accident or mere chance. Equip yourself or your loved ones with the truth of all end-time and salvational doctrine from Genesis through Revelation. Order one today, right now. There is no "perfect time." There is just time and what you choose to do with it.