Book Reviews

This is a review coming from someone who has been betwixt between both flat earth and globe views. I can tell you thus far from what I have read of this book, it is loaded with scripture, very contextual, and actually covers so much MORE biblical doctrine than just the subject of Flat earth! As a fellow brother in Christ, and author... This is a book I would be proud to have written! You can tell as soon as you start reading it, that so many hours of study and dedication have went into this book! I would totally and 100% recommend this book! God bless you Author Brian Lakins!

Pastor Jacob Trent - Gilbert, WV

Very informative book! I honestly didn't know there were so many different beliefs on the rapture. Looking forward to book 3!

Mike Cox - Carmi, IL


I thank God for the life and grace given to operator
of this platform by God, it's very educative and inspiring.

Uchenna Nzerem