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Pastor Jacob Trent, founder of “WORD OF TRUTH MINISTRIES” is a BIBLE BELIEVING, gospel evangelist from a small town in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Dedicated to the old ways of holiness, he (along with his family) is zealous for declaring and defending Bible truths and doctrines that have been neglected and forsaken by the modern churches. Doctrines that inspire holiness in the life of the believer! While in the midst of a perverted and crooked generation; the mission of “WORD OF TRUTH MINISTRIES” is to contend for the faith through (public preaching, literature, and church revivals). He cherishes having the opportunity to serve Christ and labor for God’s kingdom with his family!




Jacob Trent's Video Teachings


A Life of Sin Will Make You Hell's Firewood

A Word of Holiness

Rejecting The Chastening Of God

Avoid Sin At All Cost

Sodom Had No Bibles

Reasons For A Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Who Is Your Master?

Many Profess To Love Jesus But Do Not Follow Him

The Bible: Popular On The Shelf, Not In The Pew

Jesus Said, "Follow Me And I Will Make You A Fisher Of Men"

Many Say, "You Cannot Control The Carnal Mind"

Christian Perfectionism

Rejecting The Chastening Of God's Word

God Can See Past Your Good Room

Can You Be Saved After The Rapture?

Can The Atonement Free From Sin

The Standard Of Holiness

Well Done Good And Faithful Servant

The Simplicity of the Gospel

What Good Is The Gospel If It Doesn't Save From Sin?

Does The Bible Teach Freedom From Committing Sin?

Watch And Pray To Be Counted Worthy To Escape

If You're Easily Offended By Scripture

Grace Does Not Make You "Appear" Righteous While Walking In Sin

Have You Been Converted?

3 Common Rapture Views

Does God Hear The Prayers of the Unrepentant Sinner?


Answer Common Bible Questions

An Ungodly Quote Believed By Christians

God Will Destroy Unrepentant Sinners

Out Of The Heart The Mouth Speaks

In The End Everyone Will Confess Jesus And Bow

Pre-Tribulation Rapture 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

The Christian Sinner Is A rebel Against God

As Long As Their Is Breath In My Body Their Is Hope

Sodom Had No Churches, America Has Thousands

God Is Concerned And His Preachers Should Be Too

The Law, Grace, And A Life Of Holiness

A Call To Repentance

When Preaching To An Unrepentant Sinner, What Should We Say?

Are You Watching For Christ, Jesus?

Prepare Your Hearts

Where Is The Church That Rebukes Sin?

Cheap Grace And A Powerless Gospel

A Word Of Warning To The Modern Church

End Time Events

Dear Sinner, Understand The Cost

The Cost Of Rejecting Christ

Are You Saved From Sin?



Jacob Trent's Books 


The Wrath To Come


The Doctrine Of Christian Perfection


If You Love Me Keep My Commandments


Freedom From Sin



Do You Know God?


Forgetting God


Sermons That Divide


Rebuking The Gnostic Calvinist


Christian Apologetics And Biblical Doctrine (4 Volumes)


Christian Apologetics For Common Questions