Books - Millions Vanished Book 1 - Unveiling Raptures & Resurrections

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Unveiling Raptures & Resurrections

192 pages

Have you always been told about the rapture, but have never really been taught the subject well enough to have a clear understanding? Did you know there are two resurrections with many phases, each including a rapture? There are no less than 7 rapture timing views. Which rapture timing view is the correct one and who is going to be taken? You can find out in this 55,000+ word, 192-page book.

Unveiling Raptures and Resurrections will help you finally grasp:

  • The rapture is a simple concept from Scripture, not a man-made doctrine from 1830
  • Why the word “rapture” is not in the Bible
  • How there can be a deep-down settled assurance that the rapture is true
  • There are two resurrections
  • There are many phases in each resurrection
  • All humans will receive an immortal body in these two resurrections
  • The rapture of the church is only one phase in the first resurrection
  • Conditions and qualifications for all raptures and resurrections
  • How rapture teaching is a motivation for holiness and fulfillment of the Great Commission

With this book, you will accomplish instantaneous results with Scriptural clarity and understanding that can only be compared to what steroids do for athletes. My books help seekers and seasoned Christians who want better information with a clearer understanding of the plan of God for mankind during these last years of the Church Age.

What's stopping you from turning your normal, daily conversations into an awesome experience in fulfilling the Great Commission where you actually have the answers and know-how to support them with Scriptural references?