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The Watcher's Guide

250 pages

Is the church supposed to be willfully ignorant about the time we currently live? How do we keep Jesus' command to watch? There is a multitude of scriptures, signs, and things to be watching for that all have scriptural support, yet the common view is that no one is supposed to date-set, for no one knows the day or hour. That reference is always referring to the Second Coming, at least seven years after the rapture of the church. So what is the truth and how much was really revealed to John in the Book of Revelation.

  • In Book 3 of the Millions Vanished book series, The Watcher's Guide, you will learn:
  • Why and how we watch.
  • How did the "3 wise men" know it was time for the First Coming.
  • What day of the year the Rapture and Second Coming must be on.
  • The six events people still wait for while holding to the Doctrine of Imminence.
  • Foundations for building a biblical timeline and what a completed one looks like.

So much more than you ever thought possible!