Books - Obedient Christian Book 3 - Eternal Security's Evidence, Conditional Salvation's Verdict

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Eternal Security's Evidence, Conditional Salvation's Verdict

266 pages

Have you ever wanted to have the perfect rebuttal in the fight against Once Saved, Always Saved, but weren’t sure how to answer? Have you ever been on the fence about the correct salvation view, since all supporting proof from both sides is convincing? This book takes the bold stance of addressing all pillars of unconditional eternity head-on. After examining all the evidence and reading what many claims the references intend to convey, all uncertainty will be laid to rest. You’ll easily be able to give an answer when the time comes.

In Book 3 of the Obedient Christian book series, Eternal Security’s Evidence, Conditional Salvation’s Verdict, you will examine over 60 of the most popular references people use as the pillars for the doctrine of eternal security, known as “Once Saved, Always Saved.”

You will also learn:

  • The simplicity of the truth when harmonized with all Scripture, even when using all dominant scriptures used to support “Once in Grace, Always in Grace.”
  • What was predestined from the foundations of the world in the Divine Council?
  • The difference between the once and for all atonement for past, present, and future sin vs. automatic forgiveness of all past, present, and future sin.
  • The difference of being loved by God vs. having His salvation, and much more!