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Tough Christian Questions,  Tough Biblical Answers

358 pages

Have you ever shared your faith, or been in a general conversation with a friend and been stopped cold in your tracks by being unable to answer one of their questions? This used to frustrate me so bad! Do you feel like you lose credibility in their eyes by lacking knowledge in your own profession? I’ve been there and hate it! This book will give confidence to those who shy away from sharing their faith because they feel unprepared in answering any hard questions a seeker may present.

In Book 5, you will learn about predestination, sanctification, the seal of the Spirit, if names can be blotted out of the Book of Life, the difference between apostates and backsliders, how we are supposed to be perfect in a fallen world if we are all still sinners, how far grace goes, do people go to hell for sin or just unbelief.

You will also learn:

  • How people were saved in the Old Testament.
  • If you can still operate in spiritual gifts while being backslidden and condemned.
  • If homosexual Christians are saved. What about straight Christians who fornicate?
  • Can a believer go to hell, or is hell just for unbelievers?