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7 Rapture Views

80 pages

  • When is the rapture?
  • Are you confused with which rapture timing view is the correct one?
  • Do you believe a certain belief to be correct, but cannot for the life of you validate why your belief is accurate, nor can you show someone where in the Bible your view comes from?

Book 2 was written as an answer to Book 1's silence on thoroughly addressing other views.

You do not have to know every single point and proof of every rapture view. There are pillars that can be proven that shatter every other theory. The point of this book is to give a lifetime of security to this part of God's eternal plan, but without spending months or years learning it. This book gives the meat and potatoes of the rapture timing debate and leaves out all the filler. This isn't to downplay or minimize the vast amount of research and writings from our church fathers and teachers of God throughout this age. It's just not the purpose of this book.

This unique book picks up where Book 1 left off. Book 1, Unveiling Raptures and Resurrections, focused on teaching simple truths the Bible says about the subject of raptures, resurrections, and related topics while defending the pre-trib view had mostly been laid aside. This book directly addresses rapture myths, perceptions, and truths, without side-stepping what is sure to offend or be divisive to those with an opposing perspective. My goal is to always present biblical truths in simple language, without belittling others in the process, and without wavering from teaching straight Scripture. The offense is never the motive, only harmonizing Scripture for sound doctrine.