Books - Obedient Christian Book 2 - Eternal Laws From God and Christian Warnings

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Eternal Laws From God and Christian Warnings

440 pages

What does the Bible say about those who hold the faith in good conscience? Is it at the least bit possible for those words to be said of unsaved people? Is it at all possible to put away your faith, or to shipwreck it and still remain saved? Why would a person be delivered unto Satan who once possessed saving grace in Jesus Christ? There is a multitude of salvation views concerning the church that all seem to have scriptural support. Is there one that is correct, or has the central theme of God’s Word not been made known with certainty? After reading God’s eternal laws from Genesis through Revelation, all doubt or uncertainty will be put down. God’s plan for man has been made known.

In Book 2 of the Obedient Christian book series, Eternal Laws From God and Christian Warnings, you will learn what assurance of salvation looks like from God’s playbook.

You will also learn:

  • What the effect of sin is when the righteous sin.
  • How to get all the good promises, while avoiding the ones no one talks about anymore.
  • Where and when every eternal warning is in the Bible, and word for word what they mean.
  • How to be saved, remain saved, and when salvation can be lost.